Our Programs

Silver Master Program in Culinary Arts (EN/ES)

Silver Program consists of simple package of courses and average amount of hours for theory and practice. It will include the basic culinary techniques for each cuisine and it will teach the students how to work on a regular semi-professional level.

Golden Master Program in Culinary Arts (EN/ES/CN)

Golden Program has bigger choice of courses and hours, including some specific benefits. After the courses have finished, the student will be able to elaborate in the kitchen with more advanced knowledge about the cuisines taught during the period of education.

Platinum Master Program in Culinary Arts (EN/ES/CN)

Platinum Program is the most expanded package of courses, which will introduce you to various cuisine cultures as Spanish, Italian, French and others, including lessons with the famous chefs who obtained Michelin stars. Thus, it expands your culinary horizons and techniques, providing you with the unique opportunity to achieve your goals.

Silver Master Program in Hospitality Management (EN/ES)

Silver Program includes a package of essential courses for Hospitality Management Diploma. It provides students with the basics of operating in tourism industry and get the main idea of how this business works.

Golden Master Program in Hospitality Management (EN/ES/CN)

Golden Program is more extended with the courses than the Silver one, and it gives students more opportunities to expand knowledge of hospitality and first class hotel service.

Platinum Master Program in Hospitality Management (EN/ES/CN)

Platinum Program is the most expanded package of courses with the plenty of different subjects and practices included. It provides students with a chance to become highly professional in tourism industry. This Program includes variety of supplements which will be strong benefits for students.


Admission Requirements

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